Is Kinshasa dangerous?

Wednesday Wanderlust

As you might know I moved to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2018. I shared pictures from the city in my Instagram stories and received loads of questions! The most commons were related to safety and how does a foreigner end up in DRC?

I answered the most frequently asked questions in this video:

The audio is in French and you can select the English subs.



Kinshasa Weekend: Check out my YouTube channel

Wednesday Wanderlust

The Wonderland Stories

I initially created this blog to share a series of short stories called “The Wonderland Stories” . I started to write them back in 2016 and I never published many of them. Back then, I related to Alice in Wonderland after she felt in the rabbit hole and ended up in a bizarre world.

In between, I shared some posts about my travels and sustainable fashion because there are topics I’m interested in, even though it was not the main purpose of my blog.


I completely lost interest in blogging and generally in writing for a couple of months. Then I unexpectedly ended up moving to Kinshasa and started reading 1Q84 from Haruki Murakami. Then (as weird as it can sound for a reader that does not know me) , I was back in a parallel universe with the beauty of the challenges lying there and all the opportunities to grow.

I have a new series of short stories on my laptop that I call “2Q19”. Again there are very personal but , at the same time, external readers could not tell the boundaries between the fiction and the reality.

Kinshasa: vlog

Following numerous questions about my life in Kinshasa (via Instagram), I decided to make a short video about my weekend to share a tiny piece of my experience.

Overall, I feel this video is very soppy in comparison to the intense experience I’m living and it does not translate the idea of 2Q19.  However I mainly wanted to show that Kinshasa is a pretty normal city to live in (taken into consideration it is a developing country with a relatively high criminality rate – be cautious but not paranoiac) which might seem different if you fancy a Google search.