Foodie in Brussels!


Well it’s true when you have memes about veggie people feeling the surge to tell the entire world about their diet.

Vegetarians/vegan in Brussels

Sooooooooooo I’m a vegetarian which means I don’t eat meat, seafood or fish (I had to say it because I still hear people thinking that vegetarians eat fish lol) and I try to have a vegan diet most of the time. Hence my options are pretty limited in a city such as Brussels. The options for vegetarians are quite all right (you will find tasty food anywhere) even though there is nothing outstanding neither.

But for vegan it is another story. Vegan options are so so limited. Some popular brunch places have vegan dishes but they taste… nothing. Once I went to a popular one and they served me spinach with maize and maybe beans (can’t remember!) with no dressing and they charged me like 12 euros #wtf.

Here are my top 3 spots  I enjoy the most when I go to Belgium.  Also, I’ve only lived for 6 months in Brussels so I don’t know all the places, especially that once I like a restaurant or a coffee shop I tend to go there all the time.

Knees to Chin

What a weird name for a restaurant, right? Actually it refers to the eating position of people sitting on the small chairs in the street of Vietnam. Having lived in Asia for a while, this place just makes me happy because there is that little something that reminds me of Hanoi and some areas of Saigon.

I discovered Knees to Chin last November and it was love at first sight! The restaurant is inspired from the Vietnamese kitchen and offers revisited rice paper rolls.

Once you arrive you order at the desk and pay. Then, they bring your order at your table with several sauces. I always take two veggie rolls that are enough to make me feel full. But because I’m a fatty when I go there I like to share a bowl of rice with peanut and sesame sauce. And a miso soup as well – I never inquired more in details about their miso but usually the miso paste contains bonito, a fish flavor, which makes the miso soup not suitable for vegetarians by definition. And no. I’m not bipolar but somehow I tolerate the miso soup.

rue de Livourne 125
1000 Brussels
rue de Flandre 28
1000 Brussels
chaussée d’Alsemberg 148
1060 Saint Gilles




Hinterland is a very pretty coffee bar serving food prepared with organic ingredients. From the list, Hinterland is the closest place to my house, hence the one I go most of the time for a soy cap or a chai latte (with coconut milk yum).

Hinterland is also one of the only places I know in Brussels that offers decent vegan food and multiple types of milk. Hipsters will also like the coffee bar since they serve granola bowl, açai bowl, and other stuffs like matcha chia pudding (just trying to make a joke hehe).

Last time I had brunch there, I took the sourdough bread with sun-dried tomato tapenade, pink beetroot hummus, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. So fresh and tasty!

Charleroise Steenweg 179
1060 Sint-Gillis




COCO Donuts

COCO Donuts is a massive exception to my vegan diet. When I first looked at the prices, I though it was expensive for donuts and maybe not worth to belong to my exceptions list. But they are not your average donuts and the quality is ,without any doubt, worth the price.

The donuts are hand-made with raised brioche and organic ingredients. You will find so many flavors from speculoos, to caramel, marshmallow, pineapple and coconuts, plus all the special editions they are regularly cooking.

As well, the shop is super cozy with donuts pillows all over the place (in case, you would not have understand why you are coming for yet). And the coffees are good! I always have a latte with soy milk.

36, Rue Sainte-Anne
1000 Brussels (Sablon)
And soon a new location opening in Saint Gilles (close to Stephanie)



The face of happiness with my donuts from Easter. Ps: most of the photos are from the respective websites of the spots. I always forget to take pic #bouffie


I discovered Fika and its lovely garden at the right time: a warm spring day. A friend pointed out the place on her way back to work and I decided that I would try the coffee shop as soon as possible. Indeed, I came back a couple of weeks after with another friend that had to tell me about her trip to South Africa.

Does Fika mean anything? Yes it does! Fika is a concept in Sweden with the basic meaning of having a coffee with a cookie or a pastry. The place is located in a very nice part of Ixelles where I had never been before. Now my favourite neighbourhood in Brussels.

No vegan options and only soy as an alternative for the milk. But I was happy anyway. The decoration is so Scandinavian and the garden is really worth your time. We stayed there four hours!


17, Rue de la Paix

1050 Ixelles

Fika Brussels

fika brussels

fika brussels