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jan'n june

Sustainable Fashion

If you follow my stories on Instagram and if you have read my previous blog posts, you will know that I have criticized our consumption of fashion a tiny bit (i.e. the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world). After readings several documents on the topic, I decided that I would avoid traditional brands as much as possible since they are absolutely not transparent with their operations. I want to wear brands that reflect my beliefs and are not destroying the environment – even if it means to buy only a couple of items a year.

Where can you find sustainable brands?

That was my first question. And then I had a couple more.

  • What brands are responsible and serious with their commitments?
  • What brands can I afford to buy?

A great help in my quest was ‘Ethical Brandz’.  If you are curious, have a look at the website, you will find plenty of brands classified by category. I also browsed Instagram with hashtags such as sustainable fashion, who made my clothes, and so on. It helped me to discover brands and some fashion Instagramers interested in fair fashion (i.e. unfortunately, way under-represented in the world of social media). I discovered some awesome labels and the first one I want to make you discover is Jan’n June.

Jan’n June

The founders of the label are Jula and Anna (see the photo above). The idea was born in Hamburg while they were sharing a bottle of wine (or maybe more, who really knows ;) and wondering where they could find a stylish, sustainable and affordable fashion label.

Nowhere was the answer. So they created their own! (I wish when I cannot find a service or a product I want, I could just casually start a couple of businesses you know, no big deal). The style is minimalist and the clothes are just beautiful.

Intrigued? Read on to understand the behind the scenes!

Supply chain

The first question that came to my mind when we discuss ‘fair fashion’ or ‘sustainable fashion’

= what does it mean?

Okay it implies there is no trade-off between profit, people and the environment. But how these aspects are translated into the supply chain and the business model, specifically with Jan’n’June?

#FABRICS This first aspect really did intrigue me since most brands use cotton grew with pesticides.  And for my thesis, I visited cotton fields in Burkina Faso (i.e. huge exporter of cotton from West Africa) and I saw that cotton was an ugly industry. It is financially unfair to the producers but also those pesticides were stocked right next to food supply because of a lack of storage space (=when toxicity and your dinner spend time together).  Most brands will never see it because they will not bother themselves to travel there and they won’t question the information given by their intermediaries.

So how do you do? Well, friends don’t let friends wear conventional cotton, according to Jula and Anna (and I could not agree more!). Their cotton are organics or recycled. They also use recycled tencel, organic linen, recycled polyester and recycled polyamide.  If like me you are a novice in the field, I encourage you to visit their website. Seriously. There are many things to get excited about with recycled polyamide and friends!

Also the girls use the fabrics’s cut-off to create accessories.

#MADEINPOLAND The garments are produced in Wroclaw, Poland in partnership with a single supplier (no third parties involved). By doing so, Anna and Jula can keep an eye on the manufacturing process on a regular basis for each category of items produced.

#CERTIFICATE & #STANDARDS If you are still not convinced, the company follows several quality standards and you can find them all on the website for more information.

The next photos are about the ‘Kari dress’ that can be worn as a vest too. When I received it, I was astonished by the quality. It’s been a while I haven’t worn such a good fabric.





=> https://jannjune.com

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