9 Warung & 9 Angels


“You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.”

This restaurant is possibly my favorite place in Ubud. And the previous quote perfectly describes the concept of this vegetarian restaurant. The range of dishes is pretty good: fresh juice, ginger tea, rice, tempeh and tofu, various types of vegetable, and it includes dishes as fancy as potatoes and chocolate cake (yeah don’t take them for granted in Asia).

Until now nothing very original, right? Well, not only the food is delicious but the idea behind 9 Warung is awesome. There are neither waiters nor any other staffs. You are by yourself in the restaurant and a delicious buffet is waiting for you. You can pick the food you want and you keep track of the number of spoons you are taking from each plate (yes the number of spoons). For example, a spoon of vegetable is 3000 rupees (the equivalent of 0.21 EUR). A poster on the wall indicates the prices of the different dishes. No need to say that if you are on a budget, it’s an amazing occasion to avoid mie goreng and other cheap street food.

In addition, if you are really broken you can pick a voucher and eat up to 30,000 rupees (which means lot of food).  When you are done, you leave the money (or the voucher) on a jar placed on the table and then you clean your plates.

If you are willing to discover alternative ways of life or just to chill out surrounded by good vibes and good food, 9 Warung is the place to hang out at.

Update: There are a similar places in Melbourne and Sydney called “Lentils as anything”. Respectively located in Abbotsford and Newtown.





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